About Michael

About Michael Cooksey

As founder of The Cooksey Team, Michael Cooksey has built one of the most successful retail branches for Mid America Mortgage. With 16 years in the industry and nearly $800,000,000 in funded loans with Mid America, Michael brings the experience and knowledge needed to lead a successful mortgage transaction. His guiding principle as founder of The Cooksey Team has been to focus on internal team-building to fuel the branch’s astounding origination growth, a strategy which has resulted in unquestionable success.

Not only is Michael Cooksey responsible for leading a highly successful retail branch for Mid America Mortgage, but he is also deeply committed to the success of his staff. Utilizing The CORE Training methodology, Michael has coached his own staff, as well as loan officers, brokers and real estate agents across the country, to become top producers.


About Cooksey Coaching

Cooksey Coaching is committed to helping clients reach their income potential by building a structured business using The CORE Training, Inc. methodology. We offer coaching for both real estate agents and loan officers at any stage in their career. Through systematic accountability, we can teach you how to work 30 hours per week and take three weeks of worry-free vacation while your business produce great results.

Come learn from some of the best in the industry who are willing to share their exact formula of success with YOU! There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Get started today!



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